Friday, August 16, 2013

FIBER-licious Fridays #2

Hidy-Ho Sisters! And...Back at ya there, girlfriends! It's FIBER-licious Fridays again!! favoritist day of the week!

Last week, we talked about revamping a bedroom in the upstairs part of my home...and actually, we haven't made much progress...because we're still in there...WORKING, that is!
Chiquita puts Minions to work
I just love these little guys! Don't have a darn clue what they're sayin'...but that's alright! Twyla and I have that problem somedays!
So, we just "WING IT"....and hope for the best! Gotta get a good laugh at ourselves occassionly, and then...LIFE IS GOOD!
"Back to school"...CAN'T COME SOON ENOUGH! So, today...I'm in the dungeon, with my little minions...slaving away on this Dresser Makeover...and hiding out from the children upstairs who are screaming at each other...God help us all! lol!
I got my dresser, that I picked up from Goodwill quite a few months back now...for $5!
 It's missing a bit of the drawer, but who cares...everything else is in great shape! So, I dragged her home...sanded her down a bit to knock the crud off of her...then, got my Primer-in-a-can...and away I sprayed! I did wear a can get pretty fumey, if you're in a tight unventilated basement like mine!
 And, while I was at it...I sprayed all the existing hardware that came on it when I purchased it...was brass it's GRANITE!
 Gotta love this 2X Ultra Cover Spray paint, it's for wood, metal or plastic!
Still painting it black...sorry, NO MORE PICS there...gotta wait til' next week for that! I know...the suspense is killing me too!
BUT...I will give ya some more to sink your teeth into here sisters!
I went to Hobby Lobby for some great inspiration...thinkin' about Zebra Print here...and WHA-LA!
I picked up 2 posters the size of the drawer fronts when finished...which I'll mod podge onto the drawer fronts this weekend, after the last coat of paint is cured on the top, and it adheres well to the wood drawer below it.
And, NOW to the next planning phase...


How better to pick out new carpet, then with a design inspiration of the rooms' mere existence... ALL working out ahead of me!
 Gotta love the striped texturing here!
 See how it's striped...and tone on tone?! Gotta love the play with color and texture here...keeping it simple, but VIBRANT!
It all picks up the NATURAL LIGHT perfectly in this room!
And that's what we want...not dull and boring...we already have!
 Next...mirrors! 3 floor length mirrors from Menard's...on sale for only $10 each! All mirror for only $30! Can't beat that with a stick, now can ya?! They'll be hung I have them (laying on the floor here) up on the wall, about an inch or two apart from each other...ABOVE THE NEW DRESSER we're still working on! wouldn't be fun without some THRIFTY FABRIC...that we acquired from a yard sale find, now would it?!
 A plate for something...haven't got that far! A behind the door catch-all for this and that...maybe bathroom or make up supplies to carry with you, instead of leaving it all over the bathroom...TEENAGERS, ya know! Thinkin' ahead of! And a groovy pillow for the new bed or chair!
 2 Velvet Valances...BLACK! Perfect for our new look...ZEBRA INSPIRED!
 A natural rattan cube to store all kinds of things inside of it...OUT OF SIGHT...OUT OF MIND!
We'll be painting up a storm...doing some more crazy shopping this week...of course!
We NEED a colorful bed ensemble yet...along with YES>>>>
We're salvaging an old desk...and an old oak entertainment center...for an office nook!
Bet ya can't wait to see what's coming NEXT FRIDAY!
It's going to be EVEN MORE Fiber-licious than today!!!!!!!
See ya next week SISTERS! Or...for more fun with the sisters...we make HOUSECALLS!