Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Hey there sisters! It's time to start talkin' TRASH! We're going to get a little dirty here today girls! We're heading into the bathroom...but it's all good stuff, I promise!
Was out yard sailin' around town with my mom last weekend and found some great useable finds!
An old porcelain coffee pot, to be exact! I picked it up, put it down, walked around, then came back to it...only to put it in my large growing pile of other things I collected already. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, til' I got home that afternoon.
When I stepped into the bathroom to put a few other items the big bag of toilet paper I got at Target that day... all of a sudden...I had a huge brainstorm!
I ran out to my car to finish unloading my loot...ran back into the bathroom, idea was born!
I quickly popped the top, made haste to grab a single roll of toilet paper...
And, just like that...a star was born...toilet paper in an old coffee urn! Quite cliche' , if you get my meaning'! Coffee and the potty...two things that definitely go together!
Now that's what I call..."Good, clean fun!" How 'bout you?!

Thanks for joining us for "Trash Talk Tuesday"!

HOPE TO SEE Y'ALL TOMORROW for 'Wow me Wednesdays'!