Friday, August 9, 2013

FIBER-licious Fridays!

What's it going to be 'girl'?...YES or...NO?! Once, your hooked....


What are we talkin' bout here? FIBER Addictions...of course! hehehe!
And we sisters...have it in SPADES around here!, it's just PLUM PERFECT!
What better way to pick out a color for your upcoming bedroom project, than utilizing that which you love to wear?!
I pulled a favorite the texture here! And a little sparkly headband, with a large silver pin...and married it to a color chart from one of my favorite paint chips that I hand selected...
from a Sherwin Williams Paint deck. The paint color that I'm considering is called: #6837 Baroness
Hence, the 2 pillows Twyla and I found...that come into play very nicely...don't ya think?!
Together, we found some great fabric at Hobby Lobby, that truly brings another element in altogether now...It's more graphic and colorful...and it brings in some 'swagger' here!
 Possibly thinking about covering this cute parlor chair I found at the local ReStore a few weeks ago now...I need a desk chair! And this rocks!
Now...I'm also thinkin' a little ZEBRA stripes coming into play somewhere in this room too!
But that'll be for another segment of this bedroom redo!
Gotta keep you in suspense here...RIGHT?!
Just think DESK! That's right...we're going to do a desk FRIDAY...stayed tuned; you really don't want to miss that! Remember, WOOD IS FIBER, TOO! gotta have a plan of sorts! You can't rock it out, without a doesn't have to be can look a bit like my quickly drawn diagram here...
The color I'm trying to sink my teeth into here, is the one in the middle...think something gold/yellow for it's companion color...and you've gotta a good wall choice, as your upcoming background now!
And that would be...#6674 Jonquil
And...maybe an accent wall color: #6416 Sassy Green...we'll think bed wall here! 
Now...of course we have to have a neutral color to tie it all together...we've got black and metallic...we need a lighter color for the ceiling now, to keep it sunny and bright...not to dark, but OH, JUST RIGHT!
Thinkin' Linen here...blend-able, and soft...
#6168 Moderne White
Now...if you've been paying attention, my fine can see how we've been choosing our colors here...with FIBER-liciousness!
Not to bust your bubble here...but, it all comes together in the end...Trust me!
You gotta stayed tuned to next week's Friday Episode...when we take these colors to a whole NEW LEVEL...the upstairs bedroom!, that isn't inspiring at all! LOL....that's what progress does to ya, when you're in Menards and the flyer says...SALE! BUY ME! And then, you bring it home...and shove it in another room til' your ready to install it!
Next week! BOOYA...can't wait! 
Hope we're inspiring you to get out of your office chair...and run to your local thrift store...start thinkin' "REDO" sisters, in a whole new FIBER-licious way!
Have a great weekend sisters! Yard salin', wherever you are...whoop! whoop!