Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Trash Talkin' Tuesdays # 2

Hello, My Sisters! Hope you had a great week since we last met for some Trash Talkin'!
Today we're featuring a quick craft corner make over...for just about anyone who crafts, scrapbooks, sews, or "Upcycles" us!
Found this handy dandy lil' kitchen towel holder, that's supposed to hang on a wall, today at the thrift store up in Manitowoc, WI.
I paid a whole $1.50 for it! Whoop! Whoop!
The greatest part of this little wood find, is that it has a shelf inside of it...which easily slides out for a little more storage room! I love that! Don't you?!
 As you can see, I turned it upside down on itself, inverted the shelf to go the other way, and placed it nicely on the counter surface below. you all, I have a ton of ribbon, lying around in different areas...needing someplace clever to go of course!
I've seen a lot of different crafters utilize a towel holder for ribbon storage, because it can easily be cut at length from it's round-a-bout storage area. So, when I found this wall unit today...I said to myself, "Whoa sister, BONUS BABY!" has a little drawer to store EVEN MORE!
How can you go wrong with even MORE STORAGE?!
 I screwed off the end knob...and began sliding the different ribbon rolls onto the towel dowel...and when I was finished,
it was ready to measure and cut!
Don't forget the EXTRA storage space that full, too!
Seriously sisters, how can you go wrong with investing $1.50?!
It's definitely worth it's 'weight in ribbon' after today!
Don't ya think?!
See ya next Tuesday for more 'Trash talkin' with the sisters!
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